Okay I’ve got quite the story to tell but it does take a set-up. It’s going to be quite awhile before we get to the payoff, but believe me it’s gonna be outstanding, and you might find it convulsively amusing, I know I did while it was happening. But back to the set-up, I’m the CEO of this indie website that sort of reached a critical mass in the middle of the last decade when due to being friends with one of our administrators, Pete Townshend joined our site. We got a mention in Rolling Stone and also because of a trolling of Pete’s blog page by one of our artist’s managers, Pete and his SO Rachel Fuller had made peace and invited this artist to appear on their TV show. Here’s an mp3 of Pete and Rachel receving their Golden Kayak on one of our early awards broadcasts. There is some controversy about having name acts on an indie site, even though we are pretty picky about who we want (see this thread posted in our community). Since then I’ve always been on the lookout for artists who are heroes of mine to join. I’ve had some success.

I met one of my alltime favorite rock artists (now the late) Jim Carroll who is more known as a poet but his band was great, imo he gives Bob Dylan competition as the greatest lyricist ever in rock music. The story of how I got him to join is pretty fascinating. I called his ex-wife who is an attorney in New York (and famous in her own right for being involved in the Courtney killed Kurt story), and tried to speak to her about Jim joining the site. Never ever got her on the phone. Just spoke to their secretary named Ryan everytime and begged him to get Rosemary on the phone cause I need to talk to Jim. I called Ryan every month pretty much for like a year and a half. Our last conversation he told me he wasn’t going to be working there anymore and gave me Jim’s email! Jim agreed to having a page on the site and he loved the write-up I did about him, just told me not to mention the Basketball Diaries cause he was sick of everyone using that in their Jim Carroll bios. Anyway we exhanged a lot of emails (I got to hear cool stories about him and Joe Strummer and Townshend) and he gave me his address to send him my CD. He also really surprised me by showing up to listen to a CD release party I had online. He went on to become a mentor to me as he advised me on my own music career, liked a side band project I was in (from the CD release party) called Stambaugh/Wright, compared me and Jilly to Barry and Greenwich, famous songwriting team. The greatest achievement in my musical career to this day was having Jim tell me he and former Rolling Stone critic and member of the Patti Smith Band Lenny Kaye were driving around New York City listening to our CD! and Lenny thinks we’re more like Goffin and King! I also thru my connection with Cashbox Magazine got to invite Tommy James to the site, got his phone # and he joined, that was cool. Later when pursuing one of these celebrities, I was trying to invite DiVinyls because my ex-partner likes them a lot and by a fluke, I found one of Chrissy Amphlett’s old websites with an email on it, wrote it and soon got an answer, it was Chrissy (of “I Touch Myself” fame) who sent her phone # and I talked her into joining and she in fact was very pleased with the response DiVinyls‘ music received on the site. So a couple weeks ago on Twitter for all to see I invited David Crosby to debut his new song on IMP and he said yes.


        This is where this story actually begins. Before that song was even released I looked for Crosby on Facebook and made a friend request, was not surprised when he accepted because I thought he remembered my name from the Twitter thing. What did surprise me though was that I soon saw a PM come in from David, all it had on it was his Email address. I wrote him.

Subject: from Scott Stambaugh
Date: 1/12/2017 4:51:38 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: indiemusicpeople@aol.com

hey David,

thanks for hooking up with me on facebook. Looking forward to hearing Capitol. You got a rich subject matter to take on there. 🙂 I told some of the indies we’re going to have a David Crosby page and they were excited. I was planning on buying the single if you put it on iTunes or wherever but if you want to send the mp3 that would be even better. I don’t know how much you’ve looked into indie music but that’s where much of the heart and soul of current music resides now. I think you in particular are inspiring to some of my peers because you’re just as vital an artist or even moreso than you were back in the 60s/70s. Then again, I’m also the one who suggested, not sure if you remember, that you write a book about Laurel Canyon and just the kind of world it was then and there, you’re probably the person who is best qualified to tell that story. I go thru my life wishing I had been older in those magic years (was only 9 in 67), more music I ultimately ended up listening to comes from those 3 or 4 years than the rest of all the years combined.

Anyway it is exciting for me to write you and I hope I wasn’t too longwinded!

in music,



I heard back from him a few hours later. The song was released the next day and is doing quite well at IMP.

Thanks so much for the mail, I really appreciate it , you sound very great to me. Would love to get to know more about you ,Thanks for being my fan so far , May God continue to bless you and protect you . I would love to have you a free ticket whenever am in your home zone and if am much free we can hang out for dinner before my show, it always been a huge pleasure to have time with my fans before my event , Nice meeting you Fan — Thanks for supporting my Dream and Carrier -May God Almighty Continue to bless you always .


I was very pleased by this, gloated about it to some of my friends. Was excited about my eventual dinner with David. Meanwhile my wife encouraged me to get him to listen to my music, you never know how the big connection will come. Yes I know that’s pathetic but I use these things to inspire me. I tried to decide what song to send to David and came up with a whole station of winners, idiot that I am. DC Mix.

I waited a fair amount of time and wrote him back, trying to nonchalant it as much as possible.


Subject: Re: from Scott Stambaugh
Date: 1/15/2017 9:48:09 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: indiemusicpeople@aol.com

hey David,

Would of course love to see the show and do dinner, I live in xxxxxx, hope you’re playing around here soon. more about me. Well I’ve been up all night working on something so am in the rare mood to take that one on..

ok well I’m married for 35 years with 2 kids, run a business xxxxxxxxxx for the last 25 years. I hate it, it’s high pressure because I don’t get paid if I don’t make it happen. My core for most of my life though has been about music. I’m a songwriter, have a huge batch of songs. At one point before the advent of the mp3 I was sure I was going to become rich and famous because I’m pretty good. It sort of went nowhere but I keep at it. I never got into live performing to any extent I suppose because I’m insecure about my looks. So I got into home recording. I was thinking I should link you to my songs and I had the thought which ones might he like so I made a playlist. So if you’re ever really super-bored.. http://indiemusicpeople.com/stationGen.aspx?stationID=8014

In 2004, I co-founded the site that station is on, now called indiemusicpeople.com or IMP, I’m the “CEO.” Our highlight was when Pete Townshend championed us, appeared on one of our awards shows, and when your song went up the other day I suppose. 🙂 I feel we have the best product for this kind of site, everyone can make their own station for free and I broadcast a show every 2 weeks called the Kayak Big 25 which is a Casey Kasem style countdown, the only one of its kind. Plays on 20 plus FM and college stations. Tonight, well 2:00 PM LA time, our yearly Golden Kayak Awards show is broadcasting at http://IMPeccableRadio.com. I feel indie songwriters are quite a bit better than what’s coming out by the mainstream for quite awhile now. I never made one dime off this site so I think I’m doing it for the right reasons anyway.

ok that’s all I got for now. Regards,



So then I waited to see if he would listen to my stuff, or at least for when he’s doing a show in my town. It is at this point in the story that I leap to another whole front in the celebrity chase. Back in early December, I found to my surprise that Bob Dylan had a normal facebook page, not just a Like page but one where you could request him as a friend. I was surprised when he accepted but more surprised that I seemed to be one of the chosen few (never more than 35 on his list). I thought possibly that this might be because I also have AJ Weberman on my friend list, who was on Dylan’s list too, and is famous for being the guy that Dylan punched out because he annoyed one of Dylan’s wives by rooting thru their trash. But I wore my uh.. friendship with Dylan like a medal though I was to be fair to myself half-facetious for most of that. He of course is one of the most famous elusive recluses of all time. I felt I was deserving. Maybe he picked me as a nod to indie music because I’m listed as CEO of indiemusicpeople.com on facebook. I did not push my luck at all with Dylan, respected that he may not want loopy fans as friends – sent him an invite to our Golden Kayak awards show, that was it.

January 25th – I discovered Dylan was no longer on my friend list, was very disappointed, what did I do to annoy him? Did he somehow see me gloating about knowing him, I’m such an idiot! But the page was actually gone altogether. I found another Dylan page where all the writing was in Spanish, made another friend request, lacking of dignity. haha

oh on the same night, I finally did receive a response from Crosby to my email that included my music link. But more about that later. 🙂

January 26th – Bob Dylan made a friend request to me around 3PM. I accepted. Went to the page where I found no Spanish, it was like the first Dylan page I was listed as a friend on, at that time he had only 3 friends and I was one! My thinking here was that I had passed some kind of test from the first Dylan page that got me invited to the new one. It was at 3:30 I had a sudden PM from Bob, my god he was going to talk to me. I’m posting the conversation in its entirety here, though there will be commentary from time to time.


Bob: Hello Mr Scott, how are you doing today? Thank you for liking my page, and the support you showered on me, I hope you never stop listening to my music…and you are very welcome my dear fan. I appreciate all the love and supports!!

(ok I admit I smelled a rat here already)

me: Nice to meet you, Bob. I hope you like indie music, I might send you a link from time to time.

Bob: Yeah I do, in fact I like all kind of music!

Bob: Yes I would like you to send me links from time to time!

me: You’re more talkative than I expected.   🙂

Bob: Smiles! I sometimes like to come on fb every once in a while.. to talk with my fans

me: So are you excited about your tour with the Band?

Bob: Where are you from? I would love to have you a free ticket whenever am in your home zone and if am much free we can hang out for dinner before my show, it always been a huge pleasure to have time with my fans before my event. How long have you been listen to my music and why do you support my dream?

Bob: Yes I am excited and I am used to that

me: I’m from XXXXX. I’ve listened since around Blood on the Tracks but I like your 60s stuff the best. Your music moves me.

(I decided I would ride this out)

Bob: Thanks so much for your love Scott! I’ll notify you whenever I am in your home zone! and thank you for being my great fan so far; and may “God” continue to bless you and protect you always as my fan. Love you!

me: backatcha!

Bob: Alright!

Bob: I have a lot of shows to attend this period and I wont be able to talk to you much but i promise to always try my best to talk to you whenever I am less busy.

me: ok, cool. Have fun out there.

(the plot thickens)

Bob: I sent you a request for a purpose, because I have been busy with shows, traveling and many more. Thank you for the support and love, I appreciate it a lot. I’m looking for someone I can definitely trust becacuse I have got some few things I need to take care of without my management knowing about it so i need to know if you as a loyal fan can handle this for me??

me: I’m there for you Bobby. (I needed to call him Bobby at least once 🙂 )

(then I decided to push my agenda for the fuck of it, to play out the fantasy)

me: hey I’ve got a favor to ask of you. Could I build you a tribute page on our music site and stream a couple of songs on it?

Bob: Oh thank you so much Scott! I am not here for jokes, and secondly Facebook do not allow any other person create a duplicate of my page, its on their violation rules/law, and I promise you, if you handle this for me, you will never regret it, the reason why i need someone to do it is because the company doesn’t want any media buzz of their shutdown and as you know anything concerning any celebrity is a big media story. I have been advised by my attorney to find someone out of my circle to give this task to and compensate him/her for their worries and any stress he/she may encounter during the whole process handling the project!!,,,

me: ok

Bob: Yes for sure you can build me a tribute ..I would appreciate it a lot!

me: great!

Bob: Yeah! Please I need to know if I can trust you concerning this? are you a person of your words?? are you honest? it’s too hard to find someone that keep to his/her words these days, because I have been stabbed in the back too many times, so I watch very carefully with whoever I am dealing with!! I want a person that his/her Yes is Yes and his/her No is No, I don’t want someone I will trust and at the end the person will let me down someway, people only say they love you but they can not prove it… however I am sure you understand pretty well what I mean??

me: yes, my word is my bond

you can trust me totally.

(ok I post private emails and messages now and again but, other than that.. haha)

Bob: Since you said I can trust you, I got in touched by the security company where i have my brief case kept for a while which contains the sum of $850,000.00 and some valuable documents that belongs to me. The cash in the brief case is meant for my personal and charity use! The company are shutting down couple of days and it has been giving me some headaches, since I have been busy with my shows and concert I won’t have much time to take care of these responsibilities, mostly I do not want my management to know about this, that’s why I am looking for a trust worthy person I can talk to and handle this project to take care of it for me and in return I will give the person 20% of the money and this is 100 % legal free. I am not forcing you to do this only if you are interested in handling this for me, and I want a fan that is true to his/her words only; to handle this for me with and open and free mind.

me: I’m there for you Bobby.

(By this time I’m just perturbed that I got my hopes up for one second at the beginning. Starting to think of a way I can bail out of this conversation as I was working at the time.)

me: I don’t know, something about this sounds illegal.
it doesn’t require any money upfront from me, does it, cause I’m broke.

Bob: Like I said it is 100% legal free and there is nothing to worry about at all.. You know sometimes we celebrity needs our space and free time.. and whatever I do, my management have to know about it.. but this I want it to be within me and who is handling it for me

(long pause)

Bob: Hello

me: ok what do I do first ?

Bob: First I need you to agree that you can handle this for me honestly?

me: yes, absolutely

Bob: Thank you for been a real and loyal fan, your help for me on this task would mean a lot to me, and will never forget it! Now all I am needing you to be able to take care of the delivery/shipment fee of the briefcase from the security company to your home, mind you I want you to please be secretive concerning this to avoid impostors and if you cannot be then i cannot work with you. Note that, whatever you spend on this will be re-paid back to you with an 20% Interest. Please, let me know if this is acceptable to you?? then we can proceed in doing every necessary things accordingly.

Note: Once you have the brief case safe with you, then I will give you a security code to be able to unlock the brief case in other for you to deduct your 20% as promised…..


It is at this point I take you to Crosby’s latest email, from the night prior to this. I was devastated to read this because my heart was beating fast as I opened it, thinking it might say ‘you are a great songwriter, I passed your link to my friend’ (in the industry).

Since you said I can trust you ,here it goes, I kept $700,000 USD with a security company when i went to perform some concert and I got a message from them saying they wanna shut down soon so I can come and get my money from the company, you know I’m very busy right now so I need your help ..
You know I’m very busy for now that’s why I need you help to get the money from the security company and keep it safe with you till I’m less busy & done with my festival show.
I must say that I have enormous respect for you considering the manner in which I have made contact with you. I am very glad you are a fan of mine. May GOD bless you some more. I believe you should have known and heard about My tour/concert shows going on round the states till the middle of April. I am hoping i can trust you with a task which i want you to take care of for me, I have been so busy focusing on my CONCERTS/TOUR with my management. I need someone who i can enroll a task on whom can help me receive a BRIEFCASE of mine from My security company where it is kept. Mind you the Briefcase contains ($700,000.00USD) ). I will need your help and support in claiming this.


So how odd. This Crosby who was scamming me was a different Crosby than the one I communicated with on Twitter. What are the odds? Anyway I had already made the decision with the obvious fake Crosby to see this one out too. I wrote him back the night before saying..

Subject: Re: from Scott Stambaugh
Date: 1/26/2017 3:54:27 A.M. Eastern Standard Time
From: indiemusicpeople@aol.com

for you, sure!


Now back to the chat with “Dylan”.

me: no can’t pay any fee, sorry, I’m behind on the rent.

Dylan: Like I said, once you have the brief case with you, you would have more then enough for you to sort your rent! So you shouldn’t worry at all

me: well I can’t generate any kind of funds though. If you’ve got something else I can help with that doesn’t require money..

(I was thinking I might start to have some fun with this. Fuck this asshole, you know..)

me: I have a question. What was Joan Baez like in the sack?

Dylan: You want to know about Joan Baez?
or the relationship between us?

me: about the sex actually.
I bet you don’t get asked that every day.

Dylan: Hmm! yes but you know its not right to really talk about such over here…smiles

me: yeah I know but I thought I’d take a shot.  🙂

Dylan: But do you know, she was my queen of Folk and the Apple of Steve’s Eye?

me: Steve?

Dylan: and she was a teen star in the folk music world.

me: yes

Dylan: Never mind about Steve, maybe we when we get along more.. I will share more private things with you concerning her.. as man to man..smiles

Well, I am talking about Steve Jobs

(what to say, me?)

me: Crosby only had 700,000 in his suitcase, you’re doing better than him.

Dylan: Smiles.. and how do you know that?

me: I wish I had the money to invest in you guys. He’s been emailing me

Dylan: Joan Baez was already a global star when I met her in 1961, and she played a big role in helping me launch my career. Later, she dated Steve Jobs – who happened to be a huge fan of mine, and do you know she was 41, and Jobs 27?

me: no I had no idea about Joan and Jobs.
a lot of suitcases exchanges going on in the music biz.  🙂

Dylan: Smile!
Well…since you cant afford the fee, will you be able to handle part of my charity work on my behalf??
But I will take most responsibility..

me: depends, I’m not a good soup cook.

Dylan: All you do it just for you to follow orders, by handling domestic issues,

me: I just wrote Crosby and told him you’re doin’ better than him. (I did actually, well, the fake Crosby) You probably make more royalties on Tambourine man.

Dylan: like funds, books and other things the charity may need

me: What do I need to do?

Dylan: I thought I told you I want this to be between us?

me: oh, sorry. (I was cracking myself up)

Dylan: and its one of the reason why I don’t want my management knowing about this

me: do you think Crosby will squeal on you?

Dylan: Its something simple, you can handle funds for the charity?
and also books

me: if it costs me nothing I can.

Dylan: No it won’t cost you a penny

me: ok tell me what you want me to do

Dylan: Your duties it just to handle funds and maybe books
You will receive funds and then distribute those funds to the right charity
I will always put you through on all what to do, and I will always appreciate it by paying you
for your work

me: ok

Dylan: Do you make use of KIK app??

me: no

Dylan: If you use an Android phone, you can download it on google play store.. and once you have it downloaded you should add me with my username: bobdylan01

(This struck me as funny that he’d think Bob Dylan would be recommending apps. haha)

me: I don’t even have a smart phone of any kind
Could I use a Nintendo Wii?


Dylan: OK.. Do you have a cell phone where we can text then?

me: No. (I lied)
I’m sort of old school

Dylan: the Nintendo devices use is not compatible with the Kik application. Kik is available for Windows Phone, iOS, Android,

(getting bored, realizing I probably couldn’t top the Nintendo Wii comment)

me: hey I got to go, catch up with you later, dinner is on the table.
nice meetin’ ya Bobby, it’s an honor.

Dylan: OK. Do you have an email address?
in case I am not logged on fb

me: yeah marqueedude@aol.com (I gave him the one I have junk sent to)

Dylan: In case I have work for you

Thanks! I wish you have a phone we can text

me: maybe someday.

Dylan: OK then.
I hope you check your email often?

me: yes, gtg

Dylan: ok

Mine is dylan.r@uymail.com. I just sent you a test email

me: sent it back to you

Dylan: OK got it!

I just sent you an email Scott


So the conversation ended. His last email is boring but just to let you know how it finished.

Hello Scott,

Thanks so much for willing to work with me and for willing to handle the Charity work. I want you to know that I really appreciate this a lot. You don’t know how relief I am with this!

In other for you to start handling these work, I will need you to provide me your details, remember I will wire you funds! I will need you to advise the below informations!

Full name:-
Bank Account details:-

These information is needed so that the fund can be send to you in other for you to take care of the Charity work.

I will be waiting to read from you!

Bob Dylan.


By this point the fake Crosby had sent me another email.

Hi hope if you really want to help me out of this all you need is to contact the Security Company where my boxes are been deposited, then you will instruct them to have my deposited travelling luggage sent to you. While writing to them by email do not tell them that the boxes contain money, just give them my deposit details as below and give them delivery information, and inform them to have the boxes shipped to you with immediate effect this week. As soon the company contact you and you get the money , I want you to take $50,000 for yourself and keep the rest safe.I’m giving you this Information and trusting you as well , with the word you gave me i am believing you now that i won’t be disappointed and i dont want u to inform any body about this..
Okay great ..I will trust you by your words and I will send you the box money security details and delivery details of the money which you gonna send to the security office and lawyer for the claim of the funds ….Then they gonna ship the box of money to your money address asap you get the money you can take $20,000 from it and use it for yourself ….And you have to ask how much will it cost for the shipment of the box to your home address..


ok I’m gullible and stupid, but I guess I wasn’t that stupid. sheesh, shoot me for having rock heroes. I ain’t ashamed for loving Dylan and Crosby though, they are 2 of the alltime greats, in another life they could be my comrades. Meanwhile, we have been rather successful bringing name acts to our site. Some like Avril Lavigne just showed up on their own. I met Exene Cervenka of X and Juliette Lewis on My Space. But check out this station – Some Names You Probably Heard Of. Brings a little bit of cachet to IMP, I think.

btw, all you readers out there who never heard of IMP, or indie for that matter, stop by, there is only one relevant music culture, for years now. Start your own station, for free. It’s sooo easy to do.

indiemusicpeople.com (IMP)

(the indie capital of the world)