I’m pretty sure more people are going to be annoyed by this blog than are going to give it a thumbs up at the end.  Before I get into all that, let me lay down some ground rules.  As you know there’s a debate going on in America about real news and fake news, what’s truth and what’s a lie.  If I say I’m pretty sure about something, I’m not speaking about a fact, but rather, an evaluation that may be right, may be wrong.  Now, if I don’t say I’m pretty sure, if I don’t say maybe or possibly or any other term of indefination (I made that word up just now), that would mean that by default, if I state something, it’s a fact.  I’m not here to blow smoke up anybody’s bootay.  But I digress, let me get back to the blog…

A high percentage of people who read this blog aren’t going to like it.  They’re going to say I wrote it to glorify myself.  It’s a fact that this is not true.  Maybe you’ll understand why I wrote it by the time I’m through.  The closest person to me online right now is still my ex-best friend, who I’m not really close to at this time (I’m not close to anyone online anymore, not counting relatives).  Anyway she said she doesn’t want to read about the topic I’m about to seriously delve into, it’s boring.  She’s wrong about that.  🙂

The question occasionally comes up of who’s the biggest indie name, who’s the biggest success, who’s got the biggest buzz.  It’s a fact that right now the biggest indie buzz happenin’ is about a set of twins from Liverpool known as The MonaLisa Twins. They inspire Beatle-like fervor from their fans, I’ve been in the midst of their fans, it’s one damn major freakin’ buzz.  You don’t even have to look at all their youtubes that have 6 figure views to know.  Just watch a couple and you’ll know why.  So who else comes to mind, what indie might that be?

A social media vagabond by the name of Father Time gets the runner-up spot.  Oh surely you jest, Scott, but then again, you may not have been a part of the indie scene in 2000, 2001, and 2002.  Mind you I’m not in any way saying FT’s music is in any way the exceptional ingredient in this mix (though I personally think it’s a big part of it, and I’m allowed to have evaluations like that).  It’s been said many times, mostly by me!   I had 7 straight songs debut at #1 in the face of a bunch of gamers which I never was.  I had 27 total #1s, more than anyone in rock AND alternative.  What reference point am I talking about?  Fact is there’s really only one time the indies could be predominantly found in one place and that was during that time at the legendary mp3.com before they threw the indies out.  Did I dominate that culture, at that time?  Yes and that’s a fact.  It wasn’t due to my music which had some fans (fact), it was due to my utterly star-laden persona, the guy who rose to every occasion and kicked ass, end of story, leaving a trail of flambasted pretendahs drooling on their bibs while I was just beginning to take on my role as the spokesman for indie kind which is neither fact or evaluation, it’s more just something I’ll throw against the wall to see if it sticks.  Heh

One could never forget if you were around then the sheer ridiculousness of Father Time and the mp3.com scene.  I must also give mention to another unimaginably charismatic soul named Zeeza who was at least 45% of the phenomenon, I might give her more credit if we were getting along at the present time (a fact).  But it was my name that was copied by every anon who existed in the world at that time (exaggeration but you get the point).  One time I took 2 or 3 days off the net like I’m doing with Facebook now and returned to find a community where every single name posting there was some variation of Father Time.  There were several Scott Times, several Father Fucking Times which is a name I used on occasion, there was Scott Stambaugh’s wife, and about 10 FTs, it was insane.  It reminds me of the current plot line on my favorite TV show Gotham when all the people on the streets took the Joker’s name as their own, they were all Jerome.  Was I the hugest thing in that universe then?  By 10 fold and that’s a fact.  Everytime one of my songs got to #1, the artists came out of the woodwork in attack mode as if in revolt.  There was a lot of denial by many and some came to me privately and said they couldn’t support me even though they wanted to because everybody would hate them and they wanted people to listen to their music.  I was big and bad then, I had no doubts.  I’d do what I felt like 100% ready to fight anyone who didn’t like it.  I haven’t been like that for years now.  I’m spread too thin, having to occasionally try to make a good impression in my role as the great indie curator.  There also isn’t enough chemistry in the air to really have the same kind of fun, the best I do is in smaller communities I often cause a band of thugs to snipe me.  One more illustrative note about what I was like back then.  I looked up an interview I did with Mindjack Magazine sometime I believe in late 2001 (holy shit 16 years ago!), let me quote myself for one paragraph.

Let’s see, in the last year, in order, I had my screen name blocked at the *******, I had my song removed from mp3.com at the height of my hip hop protest, I had massive amounts of people using clone names to try to obscure my voice, I had threats of violence and invasions of privacy with direct reference to “You better shut up”, I had people using spam attacks on me, which is inserting almost infinite image files into my threads so people for practical purposes alone had to stop reading (the culprit was an artist named Cybernetic Organism, who posted my pic approximately 500,000 times – a long crazy story I’ll skip this time around), I was threatened with libel lawsuits by various people FOR telling the truth, I had a fairly benign sexual discussion forum with Zeeza deleted from the mp3.com bb, caused by the same complaining guy who tried to get my song Miss Wills Frustration removed from mp3.com cause I intimated to him that this was my teacher’s real name and he claimed to be worried that her kids may get upset by the song should they find this out, a petition was started by Crack Emcee to remove me from mp3.com, I had my domain site hacked – attached to a demand that I give private information on myself, I had posts deleted on the new mp3.com bb, I had my name blocked at listensmart.com, I was banned from one artist bb and it got to a point where they wouldn’t even allow my name to be spoken so every other thread (since nearly half were about me!) would have XX inserted where people mentioned the name Father Time, I was unindexed (which makes you ineligible for any charts) by mp3.com for a bad drawing of a hand giving the finger that was approximately one inch square on my page (even though some of the gangsta rappers use the same basic image on their page), an Email campaign was started to write letters to my web server to complain about me (this came when the hacking did not make me back down), my newsletter website was hacked and the counter tampered with, . . . and my screen name was banned from ****recording.com.

That litany didn’t even include one that makes me laugh to this day, being PREBANNED from the fairly large artist site called Ampcast.  I tried to start an artist page there and I wasn’t even allowed to have a page because they heard about me and didn’t want me in the neighborhood!   There were all kinds of repressive forces at work to silence Father Time.  Most people who took him on (and this is just speculation because I can’t really know what goes on in their minds) ended up wishing they’d never been born.

A lot of the rationale for hating me ended up being that I bragged too much about my #1 songs and such.  Many folks never understood even though I explained it enough time that my heroes were all cocky like that. Lennon, Cobain, Page, Townshend, Chuck Berry.  So I chose to be that way, not relenting to the unwritten rules that every artist must be a humble Joe.  It was often said that I might’ve gotten somewhere if I hadn’t had such a pugnacious persona, often by the same people who were going around saying my music sucks, go figure..  Anyway I was at the apex of the mp3.com thing when Vivendi won a lawsuit against the company and before long threw us all out of the building.  I had spent years building the cachet of the url mp3.com/fathertime when it was taken from me.  This was deeply unfair and left not only me but many indies in limbo with nowhere to really camp our music out that could put us in the spotlight like mp3.com.  Now I did continue my buzz to some extent, had sitewide #1s at Funender and a huge hit at Artist Launch which by strange circumstance I actually caught an administrator rigging the chart so I wouldn’t be the sitewide #1.  One of their divas was awarded the top 3 spots and I was at #4 with waaay more plays.  But Artist Launch died, and Funender died.  I even created a “Storm” at 1sound.com, another long story which I’ll skip, another site that died. Eventually there came a site called IAC which is now called IMP which I co-founded and now run.  Problem for me is, it totally broke the cycle.  Because I’m ethical or something resembling that, I refused to allow FT to be on their playcharts at the time.  The first song I released there called Sweetness and Evil had twice the hits of any other song on the site.  I knew this myself but that was not public info.   As I became established as leader and articulator of the mission of the site,  this somehow served to put a stake in the heart of my music ambitions.  I’m not sure how this happened exactly, I think part of it might have to do with resentment for the power I wield there, but my music became invisible.  It still is to this day.  Nice people I meet will check out the acts at IMP and I am never named as a top act, artists like never link to FT on their pages, there might be 5 people who rate me at all.  It’s like I committed promo suicide, not even sure why I faded out.  My recorded rants are constantly more popular than my songs.  Released a record with current band Negative Tendencies and people almost went out of their way to ignore it though some bozo did call us the Greatest American Band.  So while I’ve been focused on IMP, I did release a remarkable amount of quality material (evaluation) in the first 8 months of 2016 but few noticed.  Nobody gives a shit about Father Time and I was starting to less and less myself.

So the last few years I’ve sort of settled into a routine where while I still try to promote, I know there’s no place to really do so.  I like Facebook for other reasons but most of my “friends” disrespect the artist side of me.  I keep thinking about this girl I’ve known since 2001 or so, she’s a friend, we get along great.  But I know as a FACT or at least I think I do that she hasn’t checked out a single song I’ve done or video since probably 2001.  This and other reasons discussed in previous Feelings blog are why I’m on sabbatical from Facebook.  I’m trying to think of a way to enforce some kind of respect for the thing about me I care about the most.   Anyway along with Facebook, the 2 places other than IMP where I hung out, congregated are:  this forum where I’m the senior member and recently got banned in a power play by this guy who spent money to buy the community and got too big for his britches.  If you want more on that story, check out my hit rant called Planetary Rant: the Suite which oddly stayed on the front page of the IMP charts for like 6 weeks.

The other place I hung out is the reason I’m writing this blog.  How’s that for a long intro?  Haha   Okay I’ve been there for many years too but it’s been rocky most of the way.  This is what I’d call more or less a forum made for audiophiles, record collectors who seek the ultimate best copy of Dark Side of the Moon and so on.  The site is named after a guy with some renown who does remasterings for many name artists.  It’s really the best music community focused on mainstream artists out there in a lot of ways.  I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the Beatles, Neil Young, Nirvana and some of my other favorites.  Any artist you can name, there are 20 people in that community at least who know way more than you or me about that artist.  Just an insane wealth of knowledge, a great resource.  My problem is, I started topics that were a mite and I mean only a mite controversial and then things get heated and I got blamed.  So I’ve been banned several times, suspended several times, lost the right to start topics several times.  I would leave there in disgust but I love music and it’s the best resource imaginable for that kind of thing I like to read about.  Things started to get even worse for me the last few years there when I started to post indie links more often and even had the unforgivable shame to occasionally slip in one of my own songs or videos.  Only when I thought it was pertinent.  I mean if somebody’s looking for melodic rock, how are Negative Tendencies not exactly on point?   By the way I got the name Negative Tendencies from something one of their moderators said to me in a private conversation, that I have negative tendencies.  I was often too honest about artists I don’t like much, some of whom are sacred cows like The Band.  But the truth is, the moderator system on that forum is more anally retentive than any other atmosphere I’ve ever seen.  I mean they’re bonkers.  Because the forum is popular and the moderating system is so wackadoo, a whole cult formed over the years to rebel against said moderators and especially the guy their site is named after.  I wouldn’t have even known about this cult but they trained their wicked eyes on Father Time, made a public attack on me on one of my forums and when I went to check them out, found they had been roasting me endlessly for months, ugly photoshops of some of the few pictures still available of me could be found on various avatars of screen names there.   They also had sabotaged the Amazon page selling the Stambaugh/Wright CD and the assholes at Amazon wouldn’t remove it even though I had proof from the forum it was clearly a malicious lie review.   I also realized I now had an answer to this huge amount of plays I was suddenly receiving on bandcamp out of the blue.   Yes the biggest amount of action my music ever got and that’s saying something came from this gang of loopy haters who fixated on several songs I was involved in like Insatiable and Soul Pinata using them to make fun of me.  (Somebody remind me later to write a blog titled the Thin Line Between Love and Hating Music)   Anyway I still liked reading there cause I’m interested in what people are saying about me (so shoot me).  I registered for their hate cult board and they got quickly tired of me pointing out that their whole ball-o-wax was based on hating/despising/demeaning this expert mastering guy who runs that site.   So I was banned there, they were really no match even at 20 against 1.  Ha   Back to the board in question, the music-rich uptight board, judging by the number of responses to my threads, they were pretty popular, I wrote some great music essays.  But many times by now I’ve returned to check on a thread to find all mention of it gone, even sometimes when there were 1000 posts on it.  As my situation with them devolved, there were trolly trolls like this guy named Diamond Dog who sniped pretty much every time I had a good essay going.  Some people even posted links to my videos thinking they were making fun of me but I of course don’t mind the exposure.  Until yesterday when I actually filed a complaint about somebody posting one of my videos.  Imagine that, but why are they allowed to post them to flame me when I get in deep shit for posting them?   So I’ve been having a running discussion with one of the mods there about my treatment.  They removed my thread with my Bob Dylan blog on it, saying that it was to promote Father Time.  Then I had this essay which I also put at IMP about social media and lines from a Neil Young song showing he’s a bit of a prophet and how this song related to me.  This they also deleted which was outrageous.   I complained and was told the mods (they call themselves Gorts) thought both my threads were about promoting me.  Wait, lemme get the exact language.

The team has reviewed your two threads and decided to take remove your thread creation privileges. 

The Dylan and Young threads had nothing to do with the artists. They were misleading.


On top of that and this was the straw that broke the FT’s back, I had a thread asking for great rock songs from the current decade.  A number of people had posted songs and I had listened and reviewed the first 4 I think.  Diamond Dog and others showed up to troll the thread of course, and guess what, when I looked again later to listen to more songs, THAT thread was gone too.

I believe I’ve reached the point of no return there, I hate what they stand for, so I asked them to ban me.  A break from facebook, and now I’ve lost even if it was by choice in one case the 2 other places I hung out at, leaving the IMP pipeline where I let my freak flag fly so much yesterday people got worried about me.  Here’s the note I wrote both to the moderator I’d been having the discussion with and the bigshot mastering guy who as far as I remember only spoke to me once in amazement that I said I prefer the Bangles cover of Hazy Shade of Winter far more than the Simon and Garfunkel original.

(The names of the forums aren’t listed cause I don’t want either to get any more publicity.)

Scott S.Indie Musicologist


Walmartville PA

I see you guys also deleted the thread where I was looking for new rock in the last decade. I had listened to 4 of the songs that were offered, reviewed, today I went back to check out more and it was gone. Tsk tsk, if everyone was treated like me you guys would have to shut down. I’m starting to wonder if this problem you folks have with me has something to do with some twisted envy that I’m an artist (though you all would no doubt scoff at that) or sheer resentment that I talk about indie music so much here. I feel I bring far more interesting content than I take away by occasionally being too controversial. At least 2/3rds of that controversy comes from the fact that you let trolls like Diamond Dog hump my leg every time I start a thread. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to expect to be able to exist in this environment being an artist and indie music curator. But it doesn’t take a weatherman, I suppose you should just ban me. I seem to cause too much turrible torment with my colorful persona, like my posts are causing deep harm of some sort. The double standard in comparison to the artists that are worshipped by your members is getting so thick that I almost can’t stomach what this place seems to stand for anymore. I can almost relate for the first time ever to the incredible resentment shown by the gang at ******  who hate me almost as much as they hate ****** (the mastering guy).  This is the best forum ever created for music lovers, the amount of knowledge the members have on pretty much all my heroes dwarfs any other site I’ve been on which is why I keep coming back even with the anal retentive Gort squad. but I’m too rhetorically open minded to not get kicked in the head for anything the least bit adventurous that I might say. Anyway I probably can’t stop coming here, it’s the only place of its kind, but you guys hate me, so ban me. I’ll get over it. I intend to blog about it in fact. I wish they’d let me in to ****** (the hate cult forum) to be part of that club so I could join in their annoyance at *******  but I flambasted them so bad making them look at themselves that they don’t want any part of me.

Anyway I’m sure you all feel you’re being proactive by the way you’re treating me. I feel it’s been a raw deal. My words aren’t doing major damage to your environment.


It occurred to me I’m once again making waves the same way I did back in the first few years of the century.  Odd because only recently I’ve started to realize and honor just how carefree I was back then to now when I’ve got the weight of 10 worlds (see The Flash on the CW) on my shoulders.

I almost can’t handle being off Facebook and I hate myself for that.  Since the first forum banned me I’ve relied on it for most of my social media interactions really.  And I almost have no choice but to return there, it’s one of the only games in town.   But I am literally starting to feel the glow start to surround me again.  The great artists, the icons, the important figures that you never heard of on the internet haha, they all made their own path in this world.  While I do realize and it’s a fact that I’ve already done this (made a path for myself) more than any 5 people you might run into in cyberspace, I seek the bigger picture, a bigger audience.  I want a little respect for a change and as long as I feel that isn’t happening, I. will. Not. be Scott the constant force of nature you constantly don’t take seriously, and have become so accustomed to along with his circus cartwheel show he previously shows up with every day of the week.

(Today I decided I’m going to change my paradigm and use facebook as an artist, not a person or friend.  We’ll see how that goes.)

PS follow this blog if it kept your interest, thank you.