As you know if you read my last blog, I’ve had more issues with being able to speak freely in various portals on the web than pretty much anybody on earth. My view has evolved a lot from the early days when I naively just considered pretty much all moderation bad. So now of course I run the busy-and-growing-busier community at IMP ( and we’ve gone thru many changes in our artist community there. It’s interesting to note though that the 3 biggest corporate sites, whose names I won’t mention, our competition rather, including the orange place, do not even have artist communities. Since this was always my favorite thing ABOUT music sites, I find that fact repulsive. That said, running the IMP pipeline is generally a really unpleasant situation for me. I’ve felt like wiping it out many times including right now. There was this huge music site known as where I spent some time dealing with their insane community run by some of the lowest assholes I’ve met in indie music. Garageband finally got fed up and one day just pulled the plug. Oh how I understand. It was a big improvement for Garageband with it gone because surely those jackasses ran more people off the site than if a tsunami was headed for your local beach making evacuation essential.

        Same jackasses came to IMP and trashed our first forum, chased the girls away by calling them cunts and made all kinds of false accusations at me. This is one of the problems of “free speech”. Free speech allows outright lies and mischaracterizations. I have trouble walking away from that, when they’re smearing things I care about. Flash to the present, one of my constant comrades, the artist known as Zeeza, has a bone to pick with music sites and for the first time in oh, 15 years, we stopped getting along because I didn’t like her trashing the site I devote much of my life to. What was idiotic about the whole thing was that most of what she’s talking about doesn’t even apply to our site, I could literally do a rundown of her angles and a majority are like non-existent in reality, like her worry that people kiss up to me which doesn’t really happen very often that I’ve seen. But of course, she’s pretty and she’s outspoken, she’s charismatic and I don’t know if it’s sexist or what but guys constantly come on backing her for speaking out regardless if she says something really stupid and she often does (Sorry Zee if you’re reading this, but you do claim you want honesty).

        So I don’t know, people actually seem to think, wait, artists seem to think that I should just stand back and let people take ridiculous manufactured potshots at IMP. The most popular topics we ever have are on site issues which it was legislated were not to be allowed on the pipeline. We even had a joke character moderator named Bluto and shit, he’s a cartoon character but the kind of hatred people get for him just for him stopping by and saying tone it down or whatever is absurd. They want to kill poor Bluto! 😀 But I’m evolving. I’m realizing that I just have to accept that the idiotic crap that goes on on the pipeline is totally irrelevant to what the site is actually about. For instance, in the outside world the Kayak Big 25 is our flagship station, worldwide broadcast, all it is to most of the selfish artists out there is the feature they don’t get. They don’t understand that getting the best music out there helps a site.

        Anyway I’ve run into a lot of adversity from certain shareholders of IMP about the pipeline. They say too much nasty stuff occurs there. They basically blame all the site’s problems on the pipeline. I fought like a dog to keep the pipeline open because having a community at IMP was essential in my mind. But I am so god damned tired of the same fight when people start to demean our efforts and I sometimes end up getting the mod to remove the post from the pipeline, mind you, not deleting, just making it only viewable from the artist’s blog page. And any kind of administrative move brings the free speech whine. Tonight after the same fight (one toke over the line sweet Jesus) I decided to just open things up and let these people have a free-for-all. Yes they only care about themselves and raising a ruckus because they’re bored with their own lives. But how dare they challenge the guy who has fought more for free expression than any other 5 trillion artists on the web combined about being repressed by the man! If anybody has the right to assert themselves as the man, it’s FT.

The timid shall perish.

        I have mixed feelings about timid artists. First off if they weren’t so timid, they’d have backed me more often so I wasn’t left to fight these mongrels alone about their misrepresentations and outright lies and the freedom of speech to propagate their utter doody. Secondly, they are so timid that they will soon be gone in an atmosphere with Larree and Zeeza and Lesley in charge. Incidentally I just unbanned Lesley (whose very existence in my atmosphere pains me) because I figured if you’re gonna go free-for-all, he needs to be in there too. hahahahah So we’ll have those 3 and a few other assorted suckasses elbowing each other for ego spotlight time and everybody else will run and hide. Some great artist community, eh? Survival of the fittest egos. hey these are all people I was somewhat close to, who are closer to me in personality type than practically anyone. I was the fittest fuck by far who ever walked the halls of Indieland, thank you very much. But my perspective has changed as I want to best serve all who consider IMP home. That said there are various rationales for having a free-for-all community. One is they’re popular, everybody reads them. More action for IMP. When I was lead bully at the Fight Club forum back in 2003 that place was hoppin’. But IMP stands for more than this crap. I just gotta consider the pipeline not part of the actual site and maybe I can live with that. I do know already that I’m going to not encourage new artists I meet to go there. Is there a chance that the people standing for positive things will band together and triumph over the ego seeds? Absolutely none. No chance, Lance.

        Lately my eyes have been further opened by a group of music fans who don’t have all the cynicism that artists carry around as baggage. Is it possible to keep my head clear to do my single-handed positive work with a beesnest of bs going on under my nose? My history in that regard is not so good. I tend to want to fight for what I believe. Letting even the idiocy that happened on the pipeline in the last few hours stand without diving in for another full-fledged war is not a stand I’m cut out for.

        So let’s call this the grand experiment. Give the egos what they want. Let them destroy all I care about at will. It’s just words some illiterate said. Will they end up IMP’s defender or my ender? To be honest if I could just do the Kayak Big 25 and let somebody else run the site, I’d do that in a minute. I only even stay there for that, the rest is thankless, few are really that happy with things. Hardly anybody helps us promote even by word-of-mouth like they used to in the early days. In fact I think many of them would prefer we didn’t bring in great new songs to compete with them. I’m so amazingly alone with the whole thing. I could tell you more, stuff about dealings I have behind the scenes with the IT dept and such that would blow your mind, but I won’t. How did I even end up in this position? It seems I’m growing more emotional with age, too. The other day somebody made a post on the pipeline basically promoting another site that made my blood literally boil. I emailed him and he removed the post but I don’t bounce back from things like I used to. I dwell on injustice and the things that outrage me. When things turn even slightly bad, I look up and it’s rather clear I have no one truly on my side. So what I am working on Maggie’s Farm for, can somebody tell me?

        I haven’t worked on recording a new song since all that turmoil with Lesley. It’s been months now. Granted I’m pretty busy in my realtime business but that’s where I find my best cure usually. Then again I could do a song and put up links and wait for next to nobody to listen. Indie music’s been berry berry good to me. oh I did write this lyric the other night. heh

Few would notice if I died
and this leaves me mystified
cause I give them all I can
They can go find a better man
Good luck!

See you later, peeps, follow my blog if I kept your interest?