Before we get to the main festivies, how about an update on events in my last blog about the audiophile forum I was having difficulty with, and asked to be banned from? I had sent both the moderator I was having a running conversation with and the audio pro guy the site is named for a link to that blog, and since it did speak derogatorily about their mods, I figured the bridge was essentially burnt. However then something odd started to happen, something I did not expect. The mod kept talking to me, said they see no reason to ban me and told me the situation was kicked upstairs, pointed me a link to make my case to the whole mod committee I guess. I continued to believe the situation was hopeless and we went back and forth a bit on that. Meanwhile, of all things, I get a note from the big guy, saying he hopes I work things out with the moderators, that they’d hate to lose me! This blew my mind as much as something that happened recently on facebook when somebody wrote an apology on my wall for blocking me, something I never thought I’d hear from him. It’s funny how acceptance to some groups sometimes happens when you’re not looking. I thought I was a pariah there, I mean, based on my treatment by the mod squad, that was seemingly a given. Turns out they value my contributions, fancy that, I’m still shocked. So ultimately I wrote the link the mod gave me and my thread-starting priveleges were returned quickly. I proceeded to somewhat screw up again with the first thread I started after this. haha but it was no biggy.

        Now let’s get to the subject of this new blog. You know, I have been very very guarded for years about personal details of my life, in my presence online. Part of this is that the worlds just don’t mix so well, but part is because my privacy was violated so often in my early days as an artist at My sister got a threatening phone call for one, and of course I got scared shitless when my street address was used as a screen name on their forum. That’s just 2 incidents, it was endless. Father Time was a figure of such infamy that often, I mean often, folks researched me and came back with tidbits they had no business knowing. Not to mention my longtime fear of photographs since the time my worst-ever-stalker posted those so many damn times everybody was sick of seeing my face (I will blog about that story soon, it’s a great one, how it ended). Anyway I’m sure it’s somewhat of a surprise to even many of my longtime internet buddies that I’m married with 2 children because I’ve mentioned such so rarely. That’s right, married for 35 years! To get into what I’m going to talk about, let me tell you a little about my spouse. She is an ultimate giver, the type of mom who does everything for the kids to the point they are both spoiled rotten. I put up some resistance to this early on but then just chose to let her handle things her way, her will is strong, seemed she was eventually going to get her way on that anyway, strictness and responsibility were not going to have any place in our household! When I met her in college she was a real party girl, she picked me up in class. She was prettier than anybody I’d ever been with, it wasn’t hard for her. and funny too, she’s Jewish and from New York, a charismatic personality unlike anyone I’d met previously. My college friends didn’t like her much because she’s wild, and outspoken. My most crisp memory of the year I lived in her apartment, my senior year, is that most of the time I would wake up to see a bong being passed to me before I got out of bed. Our dates and I remember these so fondly because this sort of thing just doesn’t happen in this age, consisted of me coming over to her place and playing a bunch of records. Imagine that. Remember when people used to enjoy music together. I know you don’t, it was too long ago, when headphones were something that popped out rarely, not readily available in everyone’s knapsack or pocket. You listened to music as a social activity then. Better times, I’d say. The world misses that and the culture of music is not the same due to the change. So my trick was I’d forget to take my records when I left her apartment so I’d have a built-in reason to come back, isn’t that romantic? heheh

        I suppose I should mention why I’m feeling free to talk about this stuff now when for years I did not speak of home matters online. Truth is, I’m so old now I just don’t care so much, and secondly, nobody gives a crap about Father Time anymore. If I posted my home address, of which I’d never go that far heh, I’d have no fear. I’m seen as not the least bit dangerous now. I’m an impotent force, the chemistry from the past that made every detail of my world so intriguing does not exist now. I hate that this is the case but it’s a fact. Even getting a rise out of people in these times is meaningless, they don’t fixate on me anymore. I’m like the constant dog howling at the moon and not a big dog, a little dog.

        Anyway the reason I needed to go back to college days for this blog is because some exposition was required about her and the kind of person she was then. As we got older though, she changed a lot more than I did. The kids became her purpose in life and along with that, she became consumed with the fact that our family needed financial security, a much more serious person. No room for rock and roll though we still have our occasionally partying binge. That side of her only comes out on the rare weekend night. We drink once in awhile. I mostly hate it, it makes me tired. Now we’re going to start to get into something the reader might find politically incorrect. My daughter is in college and commutes from home. I doubt we’re going to get rid of her anytime soon as she is pretty antisocial. She’s so much like me in some ways it’s freaky. My son is isolated in his own online life, it’s pretty much all he does. Interestingly enough, these 2 are contentious lil’ flame war artists online, wonder where they got that from? 😀 My wife and daughter are very close, like best friends although they fight like dogs, often. Anyway my daughter got introduced to inebriation oh about 6 months ago, she’s 19. Generally our main family activity is watching some TV, we don’t travel because the kids are miserable bastards when we do. But we have something new we do in the last year and that’s what I’m going to talk about. We did it last night and all had an amazing time, I believe I can speak for all of us. It’s not planned in advance, and all depends on mom, whether she’s in the mood for being the girl she was when I met her. Last night we were watching TV, we rented an on demand movie when out of the blue she announced she wanted to go out. I jumped at the opportunity because it doesn’t happen often enough.

        We live in a beach town. Our threesome, me my spouse and daughter, like to go out for a ride. We drink on the road, if we have pot at the time we’re already high before we get to the car. No we don’t get wasted and drive. Just enough to feel good. My wife is a good driver. Of course there’s some risk we’ll run into Checkpoint Charlie but it’s a risk we take. I’m Shotgun DJ and waving the Sirius Radio like a magic wand, switching from station to station, trying to find the Stones songs, the Zep songs, I’m agile with the various stations. We cruise around, down the strip, into the center of town, on that strip, into the next city and all around, on the strip there. We hit all the damn strips. Let me tell you, people, music was meant to be played in a car. We play it loud. We sing along, we’re all movin’ to the songs. We are free. Our threesome, sometimes a foursome with this even-older-than-us lady who is a friend of my wife, found this great event that does not require sitting in a crappy bar. It’s a great family bonding activity and it’s so good for the soul I can’t describe it.

        Something else about my youth. I basically did the same thing with my clan of friends from high school. We didn’t drink or get high but I had an 8-track tape player and my own recorded mixes, my parents had a gas station so I had free gas and we’d just do loops around a damn farm town known as Dillsburg. Best times in my life? Probably. We’d be singing along to Elton and the Stones, not a whole lot different than the times of my youthful now.

        So, last night was special in that the radio totally cooperated. Wasn’t a minute I couldn’t find a great song. We sang to A Day In The Life, Ruby Tuesday, Undercover of the Niiiiiiiiiiiiight, Paint It Black, Black Dog, Roundabout, Build Me Up Buttercup, Mother and Child Reunion, Wild Night, These Boots are Made For Walkin’, C’mon People Now- Smile on your Brother, Mind Games, Call Me by Blondie, Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire (Move Over Rover, let Jimi take over!), Someone Saved My Life Tonight Sugarbear, heh. Some guy walked up right next to my car window on the beach strip with a dummy look on his face and I called him a douche which made us all laugh. These are the kind of times you want to have, when you know you’re living. oh lordy they don’t happen often enough.

        I have a friend who’s going to be reading this who never ever plays music in her car, finds it distracting. She will not like this blog. I can’t believe she’s never experienced this. When I graduated college I moved to LA. I invested a lot of money in a super high quality cassette player and powerful speakers for my car. That drive was the greatest time too, aided by the greatest black hash I ever came across. Saw the Rocky Mountains for the first time. Now these are mountains! 🙂 Absolutely loved listening to Hot Rocks on that trip (of course), and Buffalo Springfield (the double album compilation), We played the whole Woodstock concert and I remember crossing the California State Line and hearing Coming Into Los Angeles, and Goin Up The Country by Canned Heat, it was euphoria. I just took a break from writing this blog to play the latter, where the water tastes like wine. Am feeling so many things right now. How the hell did I ever get here and now?

        I read somewhere somebody was saying if you’re in a car, on the move, your brain becomes like a conductor. I tried this and actually did find that it’s really easy to write songs in a moving car, want to recommend that to all artists out there. but the way a rock song rattles around the dashboard, clings to the doors/windows, goes all the way around the car and back, there’s no better atmosphere for music, period. It’s like a bigger piece of the driving experience than actual driving and trying to get somewhere. Try listening to say Radar Love, possibly the greatest car song of all time, on the road, or Frankenstein, or Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting. These songs resonate 100 fold. Even Like A Rolling Stone does that. I still can’t imagine these workaday fuckheads who stick in a James Taylor CD or Celine Dion for that matter and play that same CD going to work every day til James or Celine puts another one out. haha Meanwhile, music in the car with friends is the closest thing to listening to records with friends and this is the freakin’ world I want to live in, enough said. ok I don’t have much of a life to speak of, it’s basically a struggle to be honest, but I still got somethin’ goin’ on, I got a god damned radio in my car.