I’m getting back into my music again so that’s what I’m going to blog about today. Due to a recent period when I decided to seek out more friends on facebook, there are a lot more people in my sphere now who don’t really know Father Time to any great extent. I had strictly kept my friend intake under 100 for years now, I’m not sure what triggered the change but one night I started requesting new friends based on whether I perceived something soulful going on in their eyes and I found quite a few winners I must say. Anyway I’m starting to release new music again so I start to wonder how much of my background I want people to find out about and that’s really the reason for this blog.

          I can tell people I was an internet star for a few years soon after the turn of the century but does that really mean anything. No. Unless you were at mp3.com and even if you were you might not get it. Artists are generally so competitive/adversarial that some of them didn’t really get what was going on when it was happening in front of their eyes. I was one of those social media polarizing figures that people who hated me and my music played as big a role in my high profile as those who backed me. It’s just a fact that there was this site at one point in the history of time that pretty much every aspiring artist on earth was involved there. and I and only I was the one who was having every new release debut at #1, a string of 7 of them in a row, to be precise. No I didn’t make big bucks. No I didn’t get offered major label deals. I was a cult of personality not so unlike the equivalent of a Donald Trump. Many folks thought my success was strictly a result of the fact that I was even more known as the always fighting flamewar king, but that was bullshit. The bottom line is, an artist might be able to have one song get a lot of hits if they cause a lot of controversy but I had 27 freaking number ones, the most on that site in rock and alternative. Most of the artists who came after me for blood wanted to be me. Some blatantly copied my persona, others just used my name as a costume because it was so fun to pose as me. I remember this guy, a real character known as St. Wic. He was the first one who really attacked my music in the days when I had only released 3 songs from my first album to the online throngs. I copied his essay about me and it ran 27 single-spaced pages on Microsoft Word. Didn’t phase me, I believed in myself, still do. I really brought up St. Wic cause I wanted to share an anecdote about him. He was the first guy who started the stalkeresque mechanism of saving my bulletin board posts so he could use my words against me later. So I think it was sometime in 2002 when my celebrity was at its peak when he started posting these crazy damn essays I put up in 2000 to everyone’s amazement because they were so nutty. As I read them I honest-to-god thought to myself with pretty much every one – “I can’t believe how cool the guy is (me) who wrote that.” I was legendary. There will never be anybody online like me in those years, I have my moments like that now and then but then the atmosphere, crowds and chemistry were all there.

I have been toying with the idea of a 24 hour a day Internet Radio Station devoted to the movements of FT etc … I don’t think you can really call that stalking from a fans viewpoint … – Peelspeed

         For a second now I’m going to break where I was going with this essay and tell a pretty entertaining story I’ve been promising to tell here, about the most extreme stalker I ever dealt with.

          He went by the artist name Cybernetic Organism, his real name Mike Watson. I still think he’s around somewhere, he was on my friend list for a month or 2 in like 2011 or so but I got annoyed with some dumb post and unfriended him. During my peak popularly mp3.com days, he got uh.. fascinated with me and my brashness for lack of a better term. He copied a picture of me that I never intended to go online with in the first place, my friend Zeeza showed it to her manager and he posted it once. Ok it’s a comical picture. I was drunk at the time it was taken, was playing a dice game called Jackpot Yahtzee with my girlfriend at the time. The larger version of the pic which nobody online saw shows me holding dice.


                Anyway his way to razz me was to post this pic, in strips of like 500 consecutive of it pasted together, on any thread I appeared on, so people would have to scroll thru this picture on an endless loop. This was after mp3.com lost their legal battle and became owned by Vivendi who were not paying any moderators so it was an utter free-for-all, anything went. Eventually it got so the whole community got bogged down in this one picture. Half of them sadly thought I was posing as CO2 (as I called him) to post them! I counted one day Cybernetic Organism posted that pic over 500,000 times. This went on for at least several months. I seriously believe that I may have had my picture viewed 2nd to only supermodel “Queen of the Internet” Cindy Margolis that year. I hated it, this is behind why I so rarely put a pic of myself online, and have vowed to never in my lifetime take a selfie. So here’s what happened. A friend of mine whose name I forget but who went by the handle Yoda in one of the communities I was a regular in set a trap for Mike Watson and found out his IP number. This was later traced and we found out that Cybernetic was making all his troll posts while working at his job at Bank of America!! We threatened to turn him in and he stopped his stalky shit and apologized. He’s actually a mildly lovable guy minus the FT-obsession thing. I interviewed him later for Wire Web, Confessions of a Crazy Stalker. What a story, eh?

           And I suppose it’s because of the manic intensity of those days that everything I’ve done since has left me unfulfilled even though I’m far better at music than I was then and surely a lot more articulate too. But I digress, if I could make my new fans grok my history, perhaps my current and upcoming work could have more of an impact on them. Nah, it’s not happening in the facebook era. Music, rock music doesn’t bring the cachet it did back in the day. Now if I played Jughead on Riverdale, I might generate some excitement. If I had sex with Supergirl on pay per view, that might get me out there a bit. but I’d never do that to Kara, my love for her is pure, so don’t try to talk me into that, please. 🙂

            Yeah I’m at the point in my artist life where I can write great songs barely trying. I wrote one a day or so ago, and it is this song that I’m going to be working on, starting with drums (electronic) and bass, then all the rest, all me, I been doin’ this for years. I’m also considering, not quite there yet, renewing my partnership with the enigmatically annoying Lesley because there’s a great song unfinished that I really want to do. That’s a self-fulfilling facefuck though because I guarantee you if I do it and even if the song is the greatest song Indieland has ever seen and it may well be, Lesley will pull something totally asinine and make me wish I’d never been born, insert riff from by the fabs. But I digress again, here’s the thing, with all this talk of indie greatness, there’s absolutely no hope in the universe that Father Time is going to go viral at almost 59 years old and not very good looking on top of that. If it were 1981 maybe. 2017 it’s laughably stupid, it’s downright retarded that I’m even thinking about that range of success. No one I know, and I’m talking about some people that like me a lot included in this, could ever be excited enough about mine or anyone’s music enough to provide the kind of boost I’d need to matter in this non-musical Trump-bullshit society. I still aspire though, to be even greater than I am and I think I’m pretty great already, but I’m embarrassed at how shallow I must appear to anyone reading this, then on the other hand I don’t give a fuck because this is how I feel, fuck you if you can’t tell the deep truth from cardboard toilet paper rolls.

            I’m at a stage of my artist life when I’ve literally had multiple phases of genius that in another universe would all be individually honored as hall of fame worthy shit. This last week I rediscovered once again not that I ever really forgot how great some of my work was with the tremendously talented Jillianne. And we have of course Negative Tendencies which on a daily basis I pull one of those songs out for friends on facebook and they almost always hit home. In the days when songs mattered as songs, Neg Ten would be the #1 band in the world. In this shithole culture, we’re nothing at all. For somebody who calls himself Father Time, my timing is fucked. Hey but don’t try to deny that I rock or the gods of truth will strike you dead right now, I guaran-fucking-tee you.

              I gotta say, one thing that encourages me though is my new batch of facebook friends, so many unique people, they’re artists of different media, some are just shining spirits. Is it weird that I still have this desire to sell myself as a star to folks I meet? yeah I know that inside, these days, I’m as crazy as I’ve ever been.  My go-to mood is not a good mood, it can probably be described best by these lines I rewrote in my cover version of Ode To Billie Joe, the last lines of the song

And me, I spend a lot of time hangin’ out up on Choctaw Ridge
Starin’ down into the muddy water off the Tallahatchie Bridge

            I can barely hold it together most of the time, I guess you’re lucky when I write or do music at all because usually I’m caught up dreaming about Supergirl, Betty and Veronica, or trying to by sheer force of will get the greatest indie site ever made to work properly and to bring all the best artists there. I’m balancing a lot of groovy plates and you’re the lucky ones that get to partake in the secret fruits of me.