This blog only came about because I wanted to make a facebook post and was afraid it would be way too long. Long posts on facebook for whatever reason are impossible to read, has to do with facebook being like the fast food fix of forums, really.

        With that out of the way, I want to start here by saying you know how it is with love and luck and anything worth anything in this world. Happened so many times in life for me I see it as a given. You can be lonely for weeks, months, years, scraping the bottom of every craphole in town to find yourself a babe, and only when you finally give up looking, suddenly the girl is there, the one you wanted all that time. Only when you are done searching is it possible to get lucky and find the thing. So you know, I’ve been striving in this indie music racket for many years now, my goal in part has been to blur the lines, somehow cross over from obscure oblivion to some special place in the sun. What is the indie act that will finally explode and change everything? Okay we have the MonaLisa Twins who may be the one to eventually break that barrier but there are too many who are not convinced, it may not be an overnight enough sensation to stir the mashed potatoes of the collective indie psyche. Anyway, on a night when I had given up, was just roaming around cyberspace looking for something to do, did I listen to a song that was finally, inevitably it. The story only got stranger when I contacted the colorful.. psychedelic.. surely figment of my imagination that posted the link. Was he human? Maybe, maybe not.

        He had a name so stupid it was laughable. He says he is 83 years old and I believe him. In social media terms, he does float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. We had a 40 minute conversation that seemed like 5 hours because he was so disarming at times it seemed like he was given an advance report on every psychological weakness / achilles heel in my normally supple arsenal of backbone. I felt immensely ego-wounded at the end of the conversation, but he seemed pleased with me that I just didn’t hang up on him. He was testing me. It was god damned brutal. All to get an artist I like on IMP, I’ve done more at times but not in such a concentrated period. If that wasn’t bad enough, I made a remark about his age that offended him. At this point, he put a carrot in front of me and said if I wanted his boys to join our site, I’d have to beat him in the 40 yard dash, of all things! I thought he was joking but he meant it. Seeing that he’s 83, I figured I had the odds in my favor, as I used to be a bit of a jock. After driving 3 plus hours the next day, we met in this stadium parking lot. In a sweatsuit, he’s not a good looking man. He brought somebody to watch the race and say ‘On your mark, etc.’ he said was his “ma” but she looked 20 years younger than him so I’m not sure what’s going on with that but she made pretty great homemade apple dumplings it turned out, I like them with milk on top. Anyway we did henceforth race and I’m embarrassed to tell you he wiped up the floor with me. ok I was a little stiff from the drive but he was so spry it was like the time my tennis doubles team made it to the finals of this tournament and we played these 2 pros and oh what a sinking feeling that whole match was. So, long drive for nothin’ but to get humiliated. I said thanks for beatin’ my ass and headed for the car and he said with a drawl that he was gonna bring the boys to IMP anyway because he liked my spirit. Still out of breath from the run, I felt condescended to. He isn’t even in the band, turns out, he’s just the manager. His son started the band but left in a huff and noone knows where the kid is now, they are worried. Not sure i should call him a kid because he’s almost 60 years old. The band has a songwriting team that aims to be the next Lennon/McCartney called Tock and Puddle. I would have laughed at most everything he said except the song is so melodically hooky it’s like I’m dreaming. Not kidding. When he said they were going to join, the thought flashed before me that we’ve reached the moment in this epic indie story where the worm turns bright blue, glows in the dark. I will say one more thing. The subject matter of this song fit me like a plaster cast. Like it was put on this earth for me to find, and propagate. Doing what I do re: indie music is my reason for living. I always knew it was, but I wasn’t sure why. Now I know why.