Music has finally become obsolete. in our society. pretty much. I had this realization over the last few days. I was promoting a quality song by a pretty good new indie band. The song itself didn’t get a negative response. I just couldn’t get anyone to click on it. It’s heavy lifting these days to click on a song to listen. That’s absurd to me but it’s true. It makes me hate people who seem to be claiming to be music lovers. Maybe they were at some point. I prefer the outlook of one of my close friends who admits she doesn’t even like listening to music. At least she’s mostly honest.

        I’ve known for awhile now that most folks will generally only praise a song if it was done by one of their artist friends, or was by some band they have allegiance with from back in college or whenever. I have a friend who only posts songs under another name because they hate positive friendship nods for comments. Even more sickening is the lazy friendship “like” (thumbs up) where they have no comment and probably didn’t even listen to begin with. I know that I as an artist do not want somebody to click like on one of my songs if they didn’t listen or if they listened and didn’t actually like. I admit I may have on occasion clicked like for something I didn’t actually consume (not music though) because I liked the enthusiasm somebody showed for something. But I try not to do that. I probably “like” things more than most people. But if I could have things my way I’d eliminate the very existence of the “like” option everywhere because of how it gives so many people a free pass to be lazy fucks and not exercise their precious clicking finger in a more open, adventurous way.

        I don’t think I’m an unpopular guy. My political posts often seem to be loved by some, they get a nice response even though I’m rarely that passionate, mainly just passing on info and observing. Politics is 10000 times more popular than listening to music and a million times more popular than listening to new, unknown indie music. This is why I know music is dead because at the same time so many people are politically active, many of them openly hate themselves for it, they get in long arguments about politics and then say I really hate this stuff. But those same people keep coming back, they’re always there. There just isn’t that kind of loyalty and constancy of love for music in general. It used to be if I were raving about a song at least a few people would dive in and check it out. Not so anymore, the cupboard of music lovers is near-empty as I see it. Even a guy who made a name for himself as a leader of indies, I link him to a song, he gives me the “like”, I know he didn’t listen, he’s too special, he’s got some lame poltiical observation to post. It’s not that people don’t click on my links cause they don’t like me personally. They just don’t have time for music in their routine. It’s not important to them and it never will be again, that’s all.

        I know it does no good to be bitter about this. It’s just the way things are. People used to like cowboys. In my youth my dad loved Gunsmoke, there were all kinds of cowboy movies and cowboys on TV. Now there ain’t a lot of cowboy stuff. The cowboy died in our culture. So what? Music is like the cowboy now. Once in awhile somebody makes a cowboy movie for old times sake. We have fewer and fewer music memes that matter. The Super Bowl Circus show is probably #1. When an famous artist/rockstar dies, that makes a wave. Music is a special interest thing still. Not about the music but about the other thing. Same indie band who’s 2nd song was totally not clicked on had relative success with a song about Supergirl. Probably 95% of the views their video got were from Supergirl fan groups. This is all music is anymore, it serves the occasional advertising function. The Supergirl song was a really good song but I asked the manager how many people told him their music was good as opposed to told them that they loved Supergirl and he said all of the latter, practically none of the former. In clubs people use the music to dance. The music itself is just a utility, like the alcohol, like the electricity in the bar. God it makes me want to downright weep when I think of my youth, how the biggest event in my life was bringing a new album home that I got at Korvettes for 3.99, sitting on my bed, removing the cellophane, opening the album up, looking at all the stuff on the cover, or the booklet that came with it, hearing the record plop down on the turntable. That ritual, hearing the album I just bought saved my life, it WAS my life. Even better was sharing it socially. Every date with my girlfriend in college, the one I went on to marry was sitting in her apartment listening to records, the music was the event. It was Elvis Costello Get Happy, X – Wild Gift, lots and lots of Neil Young. It was getting indoctrinated to the Mighty Led Zep while we did bongs, her beautiful grey-dotted ceramic bong, I wish I had it now. If I had it in my hand and could touch it, that would make me cry. I once took a picture of her with it with my polaroid when we were tripping. She had the biggest smile on her face I ever saw, it may perhaps have been the happiest she ever was in her life. Now we have struggled with money for years, our kids are a handful, ya never see anything close to that kind of smile. I destroyed that picture at some point out of paranoia but in some ways even though it’s stored in my brain it’s probably best I don’t see it cause it would make me too sad, it’s been a sad kind of day. I got thrown off my game first thing in the morning when some faker woman on facebook messaged me telling me I won a facebook promotion thing for 950,000 dollars, even sent me this letter of authenticity.

facebook contest winner        

        Just the thought of having enough money to .. buy a house sent me into a really sad state which caused me to do what I often do, make pathetic posts on facebook and that was the last straw which started when I proved completely incapable of getting my friends to check out an indie song which was pretty good. But what kind of soulless person would pick on a poor guy like me for this idiotic scam? Soullessness is a large component of the kind of culture where music dies. Another side note, this happened around 16 hours after the facebook thing, I got furious with a lady friend on facebook who works on the Supergirl show. She had posted a link to a song about Supergirl in this group when she wouldn’t do the same for the aforementioned indie Supergirl song, I PMed her to say this..

I am so disappointed with you. You push that corporate song that really isn’t about Kara at all, so much so that they have to stick a picture of Supergirl in the corner to fortify the bs. So the CW wants to push some band thats probably on some label they own. Meanwhile I link you to a great indie song by decent, honorable artists who actually love the show and Melissa and this you basically dismiss as nothing. You are soulless. A corporate lacky. I hope they pay you well for your shillery.

        Luckily for me an hour or so after “winning the facebook contest” I received a mix of a song from my collaborator that we wrote last week that was so rockin’ I forgot about the hole I was in. ok now what was I talking about? heh I went off on quite the tangent there, didn’t I? Anyway people actually used to listen to music as an event. as a social activity. Before headphones kicked the crap out of stereos and stomped all those old wooden speakers into the ground forever. I used to say I should just be thankful I was around to have watched the first Ed Sullivan show when the Beatles drew the screams heard ’round the world, but let’s take that a step farther, I was thankful to be around in the days when the records were spinning and music was played out loud and my god, believe it or not, people loved it back then. Those days are no more, so spare me the bullshit, k?