Let’s get something straight to start out with. That was a fake headline. The real title of this blog is

Facebook Destroyed Society

but I don’t think you would’ve clicked on the link to read it had I titled it that.

        Facebook owns me, I admit it. It also owns you, you probably don’t. The only people it doesn’t own are that special breed who just aren’t interested in being online, or the people who are all sceered of facebook for bizarre reasons they’ve manufactured in their heads. Facebook is really the only game in town in the town called Online. It’s where everybody is, it’s their home. Really Facebook is like Walmart, it sucked up every other site and forum, turned them irrelevant, and made everybody comfortable to rely upon it. Okay it had some help from a really silly site called My Space which popularized the “friending” concept but that was too wacky/sloppy to last. I still remember coming onto the web for the first time in I believe it was 1998. It was definitely the wild wild west, this liquid environment where real interchanges with people you never knew before happened. Discussions, hookups, everything was easy in that environment, because the best civilizations are uncivilized at the core. All kinds of sites were popping up, for music there was the granddaddy, mp3.com, nothing ever matched it or ever will, my IMP is a better site function-wise but every music artist who had never been heard was there at one time, what an electric scene. There were great, lively, busy forums all around. Huge cultures in themselves. The few I was seriously involved with, you got to know a bunch of people so well even if I hated them, when I hear their names now, they all feel like family to me.

        The first fundamental way Facebook ruined online society was by giving everyone their own timeline which was usually regulated so only your friends could pass through. This basically rules the politics today and really basically puts a big tight chastity belt on folks having interchanges with people who are a little different from them. I admit I’m as bad as anybody using this comfort feature where you simply don’t keep people around who disagree with you about the wrong things. You don’t want that kind of rancor in your comfy home. I will add the extra morsel that all these people having their families included makes them cut down their open speech probably by 2/3rds in most cases as well. It’s a censoring device, many aren’t alert enough to limit a facebook page to a specific circle of friends. So they end up intermingling friends and family of different persuasion which causes yes, more conservative conversations to take place. But just the whole idea of turning an online world where you just went out and talked to the public into an online world where you only talk to this much, much smaller group of people who agree with you on stuff, this comfort food communication.. it has obliterated social adventurism. It is not real society which involves everybody, it is hand-picked hiding from real society. It feeds illusions like look, everyone out there is liberal, Hillary can’t lose. It divides because if you insulate yourself from the bigger world, your game is severely thrown when you encounter someone who doesn’t wear your team sweater. It is island isolationism. Facebook turned real society into a world of tiny corners, and once you huddle into one of those corners, you’re less and less likely to ever come out. This is the new, and inferior world, the society of corners. Now we all have this disposition about those who disagree with us that is much more pointed than it was when it was one society, not of the hand-picked order.

        The above is not even Facebook’s worst offense. That would be the corruption of communication/dialogue by the pervasiveness and popularity of the ‘like’ option. Now, again, I use the ‘like’ button as much as anybody. But, I also use actual words more than anybody and I have adapted it to my own usage, often as just an acknowledgement that I’ve read something, along with that I support the idea or whatever they put forth. But I had something hit me over the head today which was the impetus for this blog. So anyway, I am a major fan of several different TV shows. I saw something on facebook where Saturday Night Live was asking for suggestions for hosts for this year, and I immediately went to a fan group I belong to, to suggest we start a campaign to get one actress to be host on SNL. But as I was typing the post I said, fuck it, I’ll start the petition myself and went to iPetitions.com and within 5 minutes, had a petition ready. I was also very prepared to push this petition because I belong to over a dozen fan groups for this show, many I follow on Twitter and Instagram are the biggest fans of this show. Within an hour I hit all of them with pleas to sign the petition and share it. Now I must say, this particular fanbase includes the most enthusiastic individuals I’ve seen for any TV show online, it’s an outright love affair with the star and that’s not even taking my overcharged feelings into account. I was relatively certain all these people seeing this petition would sign immediately. What happened was a big surprise and is still a shock to my system. My threads got ‘likes’, a ton of them, as I expected, but maybe 1 out of 8 at best of the people who ‘liked’ the idea did not click the link and sign the petition. WTF? It occurred to me, OMG, this is how Trump won. Everybody is so used to just clicking that like button that they didn’t have the fortitude to vote, that’s been stolen from them, by fucking Facebook which prefers clicks over communication when it comes right down to it. That’s right, let me be clear, Facebook has systematically with its Thumbs Up mentality ripped the guts/soul out of activism. Not only are folks less likely to clash with those who disagree cause they’re so comfortable in their baby blanket world of family and friends who align with them but they’ve been twisted into a disposition of utter, unbridled passiveness because clicking the ‘like’ option means they can get by not committing themselves to words or actions that might actually accomplish anything. This is actually a conspiracy that could’ve been thought of by the likes of Russia or ISIS, how to bring the American populace to its knees, coerce them into a state of sappy wussiness by sucking them into a realm where they can just sit back and respond by clicking a Thumbs Up icon. America is ready for the coup now, I’m telling you. I noticed something in this regards when I created a political forum with some nice features and found that all the Trump haters on Facebook would not venture to my forum because they didn’t really want to take on the opposition, what they wanted is kudos from their friends. Looky how rebellious I am, fellow Trump haters, I’m bad, I’m clever. But y’all are mostly gutless. Maybe you’d all be there fighting on the street if things turn too fascist but you are definitely not really up for fighting the day-to-day war going on in this culture, and I also have my doubts that some of you even voted.

        Speaking of that, do you know just how sucky it is when an artist works hard on a song and gets no comments, just 2 likes or whatever? Sadly they’re even lucky to get that these days but I happen to know cause I know some of these folks all too well that they put ‘likes’ there when they don’t even listen. You can see that if you keep a close eye on your artist stats. Not all Facebookers, but a lot of them. When I first came online and there were no stinkin’ ‘like’ buttons, there was all kinds of feedback for songs going on. Should communication be evolving or getting weaker and more stupid by the day? You tell me. Facebook is fucking communication up the ass. Make a god damned comment, even this was not my thing or you need to redo the vocals, stop with the super-sensitivity, you know you’re just excusing yourself from committing to an opinion. Bad baby!

        Dear Zuckerberg, you hapless schmuck,

        It has come to my attention that in allowing you to basically own and run our society, we’ve let you insidiously squash our spirit for the above reasons. Since it’s also clear that you played a big role in our current SCROTUS being elected, how about you try to fix what you broke?

1. Put a limit on the ‘like’ function. Create a ‘like’ bank for each person and only award the privelege of a ‘like’ after a certain amount of characters have been typed. You know, real verbal communication, the thing you like to discourage. For every 1000 characters one types or some other sufficient number, they get one ‘like’ in their like bank so it can no longer be used as a crutch. and I know what you’re going to say, then people will just go on their timeline and type long strings of qerqwerwqerqwereqwrawerwqrwqrewqr so they can use more likes. Let them do that and babble incoherently, make them look like a stupid idiot as a punishment for relying on the ‘like’ button, that’s fair punishment. 😀

2. Wipe out the timeline isolation option where only your friends can view. Open shit up for everybody to see. You made such a fuss about everybody using their real names, how about you make people deal with real society and not a fake Facebook-manufactured comfy bliss state. If they don’t like it and leave facebook, all the better for other sites on the web. Diversity is good. When Walmart wiped out all the mom-and-pop stores our culture sucked as a result. Give other original sites a better chance to thrive by not luring people into your comfy closets of bullshit.

3. (extra credit) – Stop orchestrating who gets to see what. If I take on a friend, I want to see what they say and I want them to see what I say including my music links. Stop with the micro-managing games, thinking you know what’s best for us, you obviously don’t. I’d add you clearly didn’t know what was best for America either when you allowed Russia to use Facebook to start hate rallies to elect Trump. Pay your penance, you POS.

post_script-1 My friend says she likes my ‘like’ mission but that I am a serial liker. She’s right. I didn’t used to do it at all but I sort of felt like if this was provided I might as well lean on it if so many others are, since it doesn’t mean much anyway. I tried not to be too shameless of a liker but I suppose sometimes I was, doesn’t mean it’s not a blight on society! 🙂

post_script-2 Of course I will be on Facebook, that’s all there is really, at this time. I fit in so well there, too.

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