I just finished a grueling project for my income-generating business and woke up today with a new lease on life. Everything seems to be pointing to a new start, a new perspective, and I just love when those times happen and this is happening, I pretty much have no control of the festivites, it’s like mojo is rolling out for me as we speak.

        For starters I’m right now (I had to stop to start writing this blog that was cluttering up my brain) recording our Kayak Big 25 radio show which I’ve called the best one we’ve ever done. A lot of that is due to 3 absolutely tremendous artists that I would have no hesitation right now calling the best 3 artists on this planet including all the household names you can think of. I was gonna link you to them but it really would be unfair to the rest of them, really we get so much great stuff coming in, it’s like the new releases bin in 1969 or one of those years. What’s remarkable about all of that is that only me and a few other indie lovers even know much about these acts. There’s like this huge underground secret going on and I’m at the apex of it cause I am really pushing these folks more than anyone. Our Kayak show goes out all over the world but it’s still not enough to turn the tide fast enough. That said there’s nowhere I would rather be than on the cusp of the true wave. I’m generally in my day-to-day disposition a sadsack pondering the lack of breaks I get in life but fuck, look where I am, if the cream actually rose to the top these would be legendary times. Should I mind that it’s all covered up by the fog of the lameness of our current culture? Well I do but I shouldn’t, I should be pretty happy with what continues to transpire in my unappreciated station in life, in a practical sense it couldn’t possibly be better minus the kind of general acceptance that all this deserves, but fuck that. 😀

        Why can’t I get more people to listen? You tell me. Here’s the show.


        So my positive mood I was in when writing the above soured later in the day. Was doing my slave service to my facebook notifications and as often happens when I’m feeling good about things, people seem to take this as an invitation to cut me down to size so I ran into what I’d consider an inordinate amount of bad-spiritedness today. Also had a long 2 or 3 part argument with an ex-musical partner, I woke up in the morning wanting for our act to make a comeback but she as she tends to do insulted me with her outlook on our partnership. (PS we are at peace again now, at least til she reads that I mentioned her. Heh) I suppose I’m not cut out to collaborate with people because pretty much all the people I’ve ever collaborated with mutated into a trainwreck situation with the exception of my current band Negative Tendencies. However I’m going to persist forward with the thing that was the impetus of me deciding to do a new blog today. As Father Time I feel I’ve always been keenly aware of the time factor in life and love and every other thing too. Started when I was in my early 20s and felt like if I was going to have a musical career I’d have to do so before I turned 25 so I agonized about every day that passed prior to that, stupid me. Anyway it takes some imagination but if you can warp time in your head, seems anything is possible. This train of thought I had resulted from reading this Bob Dylan bio (by Scaduto) in the bathroom. For some unknown reason I like reading about Dylan more than I like his music, have read 20 some books about him, but outside of the 3 album stretch from the mid-60s am not that big of a fan of his catalogue of songs. I’ve been thinking when reading of Dylan’s vast adventures that finally brought him to New York to get his career rolling, how much these times compared to the trials and tribulations I’ve dealt with during my years of having music online starting in the year 2000. This passage really struck me..

“There is little doubt that Dylan knew he had something, and he was impatient sometimes when he felt he was being ignored or put down. He was beginning to demand center stage, even at parties and small gatherings. Everybody played guitar, but only Dylan required that his friends listen to him.”

        Folks, if you know me, who does this remind you of? Yes Bobby Zimmerman was a scraper like myself. And I’d add that years ago, I was compared to him by an artist I know who is pretty poetic in his own right.

If anyone combines the spirit of Evel Knievel with Dylan, Johnny Rotten and Neil Young, it’s Scott. If anyone is close to being the Internet Dylan, FT is the one.- Flametop Fred

        So I’m still plugging along, it should be pretty clear to anybody that I’m getting better and better. On top of that my persona is starting to flow righteously, I’m somehow now able to combine artist, entertainer, poltical provocateur, and natural leader into a workable personality (from my own vantage point, anyway :)). This is a different age when age is far less an obstacle, Mick and Keef are still out on the road, for one. What if my growing pains from 24 to 59 are like Dylan’s from 20 to 26? How can that be possible but let me ask you this, why is that not possible?


        So picking up writing this from yesterday. I was looking at and listening to this station I made called The Quieter Side of Father Time. I’ve never really promoted this stuff as I do my rock songs and it really shows off my catalogue. I believe I’m going to be trying in future weeks to get people to check that out, it’s kind of shocking if I must say so meself. 🙂

        Occasionally I get the question about my Melissa Benoist (Supergirl) obsession. To just wrap up on that, I was so obsessed with this woman that thoughts of her utterly dominated my life, don’t even want to get into the lengths I went to try to contact her, would be embarrassing. Also really got tired of the age issue being thrown in my face, she’s a 29 year old woman, what would she want with you, you old fuckstick? I mean people are just cruel to old guys, I ain’ t lying. Anyway I just went pretty much cold turkey, left all my 30 some Supergirl and Melissa groups on facebook, took her off my desktops. Yes I still watch the show, wouldn’t miss it if my life depended on it, still love her but it’s just something I’m trying not to indulge myself in. It’s like white powder to a cokehead. I can’t go down that road.

        Lastly but not leastly, on Twitter I came across the Eminem rap about Trump and it blew me away. This is probably the first rap record I’ve truly liked since Rapper’s Delight, the very first one I ever heard! I’ve been waiting for a political music explosion and this is the first signs of it. I guess I’m kind of mad at myself for not doing the same but I tend to not mix my political thing with my music thing except to make clever satirical songs like one I did not long ago that used Joni’s Both Sides Now to protest SCROTUS’ weak response to Charlottesville.


        Ok, one more thing. I was reading a Beatles discussion on this music forum I go to and like often happens to me, I had a spontaneous idea and posted it, in this case on the IMP pipeline. All it consisted of was the question ”Who is the indie walrus?” My ideas often don’t have conclusions, they’re just topics I think somebody might be interested in. Anyway one of our resident indie superstars, Francesca Tamellini, had this clever answer, she is a wordsmith in her own right,

Well here’s another clue for you lot,
The walrus was Scott

She might be onto something there.


        So this blog has been sitting around, waiting for me to finish. Was just reading more of that Dylan book. And it came to me. Do you know why I called myself Father Time? Well like I said, when I was 24 I put huge amounts of pressure on myself to make it before I turned 25 so I wrote hundreds of songs, copyrighted about 400 from those times in fact. Also I was involved in the UFO phenomenon as a sort of expert, made TV appearances, owned one of the largest UFO libraries in the US at the time (which I’m about to put for sale on E-bay I’d add). I’m pretty sure I was abducted and had a 5 year period with basically endless incidents of high strangeness in the 80s which ended I believe due to the fact I took a spontaneous roadtrip to Dulce NM to try to contact the UFO intelligences which resulted In a vivid dream (when I was staying in a motel in Albuquerque) where an implant was extracted from my chest. Since then my UFO obsession just disappeared. Anyway during this UFO-tinged time I was having a dream and I asked the head alien I was talking to what I should name my musical act, he said “the missing link”. I proceeded to do that and sent out some tapes to record labels and such under that name and then had a similar dream a year or so later and asked same alien if he had any other suggestions to which he answered “well, Father Time is the missing link”. So it occurs to me, wouldn’t it take and be a bizarre series of events if I made it, so to speak, in music, as an old man in my 70s or 80s? Wouldn’t that be a cultural bomb? Is it impossible or am I destined to be the guy who makes it possible, and if that were so, what better name to have had for all these years languishing in indie obscurity than Father Time? I mean, I know this sounds ridiculous, but who ever thought George Herman Ruth, that fat guy with the baby face, would become the Sultan of Swat, the Mighty Bambino? Who would’ve thought young Elvis Presley from Memphis would turn out to be the freakin’ King?

        If this blog sends any chills down your spine, well, It should. You were here to witness when this is all it was.