I’ve never been one to mince words but when it comes to this subject, I do often mince my words. I got cautious about exclaiming how good my music is due to endless abuse from recording communities that basically exist to cut guys like me down to size. There’s an unwritten rule for musician/artists that you shalt never, ever, fucking never blow one’s own horn. Besides, nobody can be objective about their own music, right? Well, what if you’re in a band with Jimmy Page on guitar and John Bonham on drums? Can a singer not step back and notice his band is amazing? I think he can, why not?

         so I think I’m a pretty good songwriter. What happens when a guy like me finds himself in a band with no doubt in my mind the finest indie drummer who ever lived, and this insanely-creative swiss army knife guitarist? Seriously folks, sometimes I look up and I can’t believe my good fortune. In reality I’m not much more than an internet music bozo and now I find myself in the greatest band on the planet earth at this time. We’re called Negative Tendencies and every song we release is clearly more substantial and rockin’ than all the rest of the music out there combined.

         Been ruminating for awhile about the best angle to self-mythologize Neg Ten. heheh I think to myself that the thing we’re shooting for is to become the kind of band that back in the olden days, high school kids would draw elaborate doodles of on the back of their notebooks. Now I suppose what we want is our logo on their lockscreens? Are we worthy of such? I can tell you this, I have several playlists of Negative Tendencies videos and whenever I click on one for whatever reason, I find myself listening to the whole thing. This makes time pass ridiculously well. I’d advise anyone to try it. Subjectively speaking, there’s obviously some kind of magic happening.

         There’s this Father Time song that’s been around for awhile. It was the first song on my first record. so someone was wondering what it would sound like with real drums and we just wrapped up a version of it. Holy mother of fuck is it powerful. I can’t even believe what they turned my lil’ 3 chord song into. I owe these guys everything. I am nothing. They are the chariot I ride and reign in.

         Anyway I started this blog several months ago and I guess I kind of ran out of steam til yesterday when I got the drums and bass part added to this new song about the 2020 election. My boys elevated this silly little song into something that sounds like a Stones single or something, it’s fucking unbelievable. I’d be stupid to ever want to do a Father Time solo song again the way these guys send my choons into the stratosphere.

         Since then we have gained a few followers, we’re pushing 5000 on Twitter now. I’m pretty sure we’re filling a niche since the amount of good songs specifically about the Trump era are pretty slim (except for us).

         but it is what it is. More than likely nobody will ever hear of us outside our small circle. Does this preclude us being one of the best bands that ever lived? No. Celebrate the magic of this special secret.

Neg Ten